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nearly a year later, the fiebelkorns return with a dual-heirship! misdreavus and giratina both get to move from afterward to vaude and set about continuing their noble line since i could not pick just one gen 3 kid.

also, alegra's along for the ride. because of course.

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so i know we just did this but why not wrap up this generation already

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it's a bird, it's a plane, it's a fiebelkorns introduced by an ancient wheezing joke

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hey individuals how's it going

time for our next adventure to the land of the fiebelkorns, where punctuation and capital letters are but shadows and rumor

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as ellyd mentioned in their last update, i wrote this back in may because I DO WHAT I WANT so here it is now

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hello there guess what i forgot to update for four months

let's just dive right in with odette's hands-off approach to parenting working its magic

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Out of FUCKING NOWHERE an extremely belated update appears. 2013 sucks and so do I.
It's kind of short, but there's another on the way, sooo

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thus continues the lazy legacy. I'M SORRY I'M NOT FUNNY TODAY

noirelle continues to be gr9 with the babies

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odette fiebelkorn
grilled cheese/family
8-3-4-9-5, capricorn

a while back enna and i did a survivor challenge (that we did not post cuz we suck) and the best at not dying was odette, pictured above. right around when glitch died, we decided to do a mini round-robin legacy together cuz we are apparently incapable of even playing the sims separately??

but yes here is the first bit. you don't even get a title card that is how deeply lazy i am, soz.

there's about 60 pics under the cut, btw.

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I know I am far behind in updating our Sparklecy(although I'm trying my best to resolve that), but I thought I could offer these guys a little apology? Maybe? ;_;

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at long last, no doubt, the last post of this generation. whiiich means heir choice at the end omg~ also next-round choice since we haven't even touched on that yet, heh.

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hello, I am not good at wordsing today so let's just get to the (hopefully) funny

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oh my goodness I am so excited to be doing this thing and to have gotten far enough along to share it with you lovely people /o\ we haven't even officially decided on a last name yet I don't think but I don't even care cuz SPARKLECY. rn in my game the family's just surnamed Sparkle and I figure I'll change it with SimPE when we decide once and for all. (also no pressure for anyone else to make a banner or anything for their gens, I just happen to have a .psd saved for all of mine so it was easy to slot a picture in and yeah. that was the sparkliest font I have, poops.)

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Jul. 31st, 2012 02:12 am
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i am making the first post, you cannot stop me.

here are a few pics from a survivor challenge that azaya and i did a while ago when my bbdoll was visiting.

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