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Frankie, Spectra and Sirena are not included because they are all current heirs in Azaya's game. When their generations are over, they will be put up for download, too. :)

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welcome to the college years, folks. keep you arms and legs inside the ride and your wcifs inside the entry. official drinking game: take a sip for every stink cloud you spot.

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welcome back everybody. azaya and i have both been sad fluffs but we're trying to get back into the swing of things. hopefully there won't be anymore month-long delays between updates!

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i've officially finished playing gen 4 so now it is time to catch up on posting! we've still got a few more to go after this

(also i have been getting a lot of wcifs on stuff in legacy posts which is fine but please comment here instead of at my tumblr, it makes it easier to keep track of what has already been asked about! anon commenting is enabled so go wild.)

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nearly a year later, the fiebelkorns return with a dual-heirship! misdreavus and giratina both get to move from afterward to vaude and set about continuing their noble line since i could not pick just one gen 3 kid.

also, alegra's along for the ride. because of course.

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hello there guess what i forgot to update for four months

let's just dive right in with odette's hands-off approach to parenting working its magic

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thus continues the lazy legacy. I'M SORRY I'M NOT FUNNY TODAY

noirelle continues to be gr9 with the babies

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odette fiebelkorn
grilled cheese/family
8-3-4-9-5, capricorn

a while back enna and i did a survivor challenge (that we did not post cuz we suck) and the best at not dying was odette, pictured above. right around when glitch died, we decided to do a mini round-robin legacy together cuz we are apparently incapable of even playing the sims separately??

but yes here is the first bit. you don't even get a title card that is how deeply lazy i am, soz.

there's about 60 pics under the cut, btw.



Jul. 31st, 2012 02:12 am
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i am making the first post, you cannot stop me.

here are a few pics from a survivor challenge that azaya and i did a while ago when my bbdoll was visiting.

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