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The Ogrécy: 2.2

all i can think of to introduce this update are really convoluted dumb puns on 'ogré' but i'm not gonna subject you to them (this time)

last time on channel feef:
  • fifi and frances adopted a tiny doge, a giant cat, and a smaller cat
  • fifi got a hop-on
  • frances proposed a marriage
  • facebeast jr. was born
  • they did that marriage

feefs why are you standing like that

fifi: i don't know

frances: mm, does anyone else smell cumin?

this is that nanny from last time i'm officially dubbing her ariel instead of aurora because the game clearly named her after the wrong disney princess

i also had to delete the fridge to get her to stop trying to give gigi the facebeast a bottle long enough to dismiss her. god i hate the nannies

fifi: 10/10 would not change a thing.

fifi: fishin 8D

so far she has caught seven boots

uhh so frances what the hell kind of flowers are those by your face

frances: i dunno something good B)

fifi: FISHIN >:(

fifi: fishin B|

so at this point i got fed up with the near-constant crashing on the ogré haus lot and pulled my cc to try to tease out the culprit

and that is why this is in front of your eyeballs now

and now i present to you a work entitled why does the funniest shit always happen when you don't have your cc in and thus pictures look hilariously broken, an epic in three parts

part one

part two

part three

doge: that door is so not fetch. you should be embarrassed

frances: GAMES 8D

fifi: games :\

don't tell me guys: phasing slowly into another dimension?

tiny doge: what? no. we're spelunking.

gumbo: i'm phasing but you can watch if you want

the painting over their counters got replaced by evil mushroom

spelunk: this is hella legit

fifi: forget games. FISHIN

also she got a new hairstyle because for awhile the game tried to convince me that her hair was the source of the crashing which is absurd and ridiculous but hey, sims 2

i'm pretty sure it wasn't her hair after all (why would it be) but i got the crashes mostly under control and that is good enough for me \o/

frances: man i can't believe the stuff they put in books, that anatomical diagram is racy

aww yay hooray for tiny do— hold it



frances: a mission of CATS

my game puked in excitement

meet jolly rancher

jolly rancher: ok tail we've just been plucked from the adoption bin to join a new family we gotta be on our best behavior. ok tail? i'm counting on you

what um

are you doing

jolly rancher: slowly scratching into another dimension. don't watch


back home, these lazy turds have not moved an inch

cat lamp: smh

jolly rancher: all of this is MINE. MINE

i mean, aside from the other two cats and one dog you have to share it with, yeah

jolly rancher: the other WHO

jolly rancher: the feathered offering is acceptable

she's so cute frick

i wish it was as easy to integrate new cats into a household irl as it is in the sims, btw. the dream

frances stop getting high on poop fumes and come out of the bathroom

frances: you can't make me

however the lure of broccoli-colored titties was too strong to be resisted

spelunk: aw hell

wow im

jolly rancher: what overlord

nothing just

don't turn around

frances: i love how new and all in one piece this bedframe is, don't you feefers

jolly rancher: NOT FOR LONG


gigi kind of just keeps to herself and eats pet food whenever her neglectful moms forget she exists so there aren't a lot of pictures of her.

also, because my god that face

tiny doge: can i have some of that

jolly rancher: BITCH GET OUT THE WAY

frances: S̠͔̟̝W҉͖̖͈̺̯̼͉È͖͔͍̭E҉̣̺͓͕̯T̝̗̟̝̫̠̝ ̷͍̟̖̠͇D̲͞R̳͎̞E̴͚̰Ạ̤͟M͏̹͉̤̯S͙͈̞

the sims 2: what the hell feed your kid

gigi: naw i think i got this

gigi: you look delicious

tiny doge: I'M TOO PRETTY TO DIE

gigi: nom

jolly rancher: it's just my name! i'm not really a candy! it's just my name

jesus crinkle cut chips christ


then suddenly fifi switched back to the right spot? i dunno, man. this game

i decided to keep evil mushroom lord in the kitchen

jolly rancher: yes master i am your willing disciple

very well fifi, i will purchase for you exactly §100 worth of tree

will this do

i've never used this massive thing in all the years i've had it in my game so why not now

it's glorious

[personal profile] pooklet: afterwards's best and brightest

frances: yes, this floor is wickedly clean

frances: well, what i'd really like is supreme control over all lesser mortals but what we need is to make this mortgage payment

genie midlock: take this sack of cash and call me if the problem persists

by this i'm going to assume you mean the peaks and valleys of your incredibly strange face fifi

jolly rancher: she comes

that's what she said

i've never seen such subtlety

spelunk: are you there, dumpling? it's me, spelunk

spelunk: i ask you to give me the power to crush jolly rancher. also, like twelve pounds of catnip. in your name i pray amen.

fifi: nope nothing looks different in this room

jolly rancher: here's good. i'll sleep here tonight

looming cat pillow: whatcha guys doing

looming cat pillow: oh

jolly rancher NOPEd on out of there to sleep in the newly decorated children's bedroom since gigi will soon outgrow the nursery


icebat: sup

the tooth fairy must've been extra happy with you guys

gigi: oh my gosh i LOVE what you've done with your coat


burglar: flawlessly and silently did i effect an entrance to this domicile, which i will clean out as i laugh on into the night

officer receding hairline: do i have a surprise for you

jolly rancher: liiiick

spelunk: we gotta do something about this new cat dude if they can bring home one what's to stop them from bringing home more. we need to nip this in the butt while we can

gumbo: in the bud

spelunk: that's what i said

every day the pets are driven serenely off-road to work

frances: ULP

looks like we got another hop-on

jolly rancher: i own these mean streets

gigi: mobility will make a nice change (since my useless parents never taught me to walk)

or anything else except to shit in the toilet and that was because i like potty training face

bless her heart she's just so hiddy. i tried to make her cute, oh how i tried

gigi: i guess i'd better work on my personality

you can try kid but i don't think you can ever rise above that profile

the sad thing is, i checked her personality spread and gigi is like the sweetest, kindest person. go figure

gigi: *wants to be everybody's frond*

gigi: i really don't see the resemblance between us mom

fifi: i hate to rain on your parade sweetpea but you're my spitting image

frances: *waddles*

frances: bless me dumpling for i am birth


gigi: omfg mom why aren't you awake and worrying about my other mom you turd tower

guys you won't believe how many times i had to reload before i got a baby that wasn't whisper-colored

but at last we got zizi the zucchini baby!!

fifi: sheesh, it's about time we had one that looks like me!

gigi: mom why does my new sister have her hand displaced through your boob

fifi: it is a mystery


im crying


i can't imagine.

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