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The Ogrécy: 2.1

back by popular demand

buckle up kiddies this is a long one

last time on channel ogré:
  • fifi began her quest to breed
  • fifi dug up some junk and a treasure chest that she did not appreciate
  • fifi narrowly escaped an encounter with whisper gashlycrumb
  • fifi met frances who apparently took "it's what on the inside that counts" to heart
  • frances moved in

  • frances: what a fuck that was. my bits are still a-tinglin'

    frances: it's delightful

    a tiny doge arrived

    frances contrary to stereotypes is friend to all creatures great and small, not just like ravens and black cats and toads and shit

    fifi: uh oh i think i got a hop-on

    fifi: SPLORK. yeah, definitely a hop-on

    frances: row row row your boat gently down the styx merrily merrily merrily merrily conquer death for kicks

    fifi: that looks right

    fifi: well hey there little hop-on!

    pooklet and i envisioned fifi as the kind of person who keeps a murder of cats, so off she goes to the pet shelter to make a new feline friend.

    uh what are you doing in there

    miss pretty: slumming it

    [personal profile] sixtylilies: doll what should we name this cat all i can think of is noodl—

    [personal profile] pooklet: SPELUNK

    so spelunk she emphatically fucking was

    she was gonna be purple and green like literally this entire legacy but i don't have green fur for cats unlocked yet so it's something to look forward to

    size comparison. i'm not sure if it's that spelunk is huge or tiny doge is tiny or both but jesus crispies.

    spelunk: i hate this species of bird if i wanted a clump of feathers i'd tear up a pillow

    frances: look at that graceful jump. yes. yessss

    spelunk: i know right

    whisper's real dad strolled by

    that guy: wait what

    tiny doge lives life on the edge (of the street)

    frances: oh my GLOB you're cute brah

    gumbo: thanks brah hey can i use your bathroom

    spelunk: this is some bullshit

    spelunk: this is my floor now

    spelunk: do you hear me mom my floor

    mom: snore

    gumbo: that silly celery. she's welcome to the floor, i can live a perfectly full life never touching the ground

    gumbo: i'm gonna walk on every furniture.

    spelunk: hey ya

    spelunk: howsitgoin

    tiny doge: i'm sure no one will mind

    for awhile it was pretty much just pet time all the time

    spelunk: room for one more

    there's no free fuckin rides in this household

    actually i'm just trying to unlock all the fur colors without cheating for once so all the pets got jobs


    you ok there little biscuit

    spelunk: fine. slowly phasing into another doormension. don't watch

    that's the most comfortable place to do that i'm certain

    frances: i disagree with

    tiny doge: spelunk are you in here

    fifi: when you're done eating that roll babe how's about we smash our faces together with tongue

    frances: wed me

    fifi: *high-pitched moth squeaking*

    shibe: very engagement

    fifi: i'm so happy!

    frances: S̭̖͙̜ͯͪͅǪ̣̝͚͓͍̩̞̟̈́̊ͣͭ̎ͮͭͦ̂ ̷͓̞͇̼͖͎̄̈̂ͬ͐ͣ̈̇̚ͅĄ͕̝͈̺̼͓̩ͫͬ̃̔͗ͣͨ͟M̷̱̙ͫ̔̿͝͝ ̗͙̳̟ͨ̅ͦ͢͠I̡̜̱͓͚͔̓ͥ̆͌̿̏

    frances: anyways yeah let's go smash our mouthholes together and maybe our busts too

    fifi: by mercury is that a cardinal

    fifi: oh. no, it's just a fuckin robin. GET OUT OF HERE ROBIN YOU'RE NOT INVITED

    gumbo: *pewp*

    infant: did i just come out of that

    that newborn already knows what's up


    so this is gigi, middle name 'there is no god'

    frances: everything ok in there, sweetbean? i'd come make sure, but dancing with the sims is on.

    spelunk: what the hell is that

    frances: oh man, my nails are a horrorshow. i need a mani bad.

    gumbo: i am paralyzed with terror


    gumbo: i am going to drop such a deuce in your bed


    tiny doge: i'll sleep here tonight

    in your own urine

    tiny doge: it makes my coat glossy

    frances: not for long

    gigi: i'll help, mama

    tiny doge: oh good i can regloss my coat

    gigi: yay i helped

    favorite face


    yeah, that creature looks like she could poop a corpse smell, tbh


    tiny doge: hello, dirt pile? dirt pile? pile of dirt? dirt? i'm looking for some dirt

    fuck i'm hypnotized it's like staring into the face of a cobra

    yes, by all means, spawn another scoop-faced monstrosity

    globs above

    how's the view, spelunk

    spelunk: riveting

    potty training face: it's even cute on ogres

    fifi: small offspring this is not the way to bond with me so that i will take care of you rather than hate your screaming guts

    disapproving cat chair: bitch i know you're not gonna leave this bowl wafting stinkfumes in front of me

    watch your back spelunk, the gratitude of wheatleys is worth nothing

    fifi: honeychump don't you think flower crowns are maybe a little bit passé?

    frances: i've made a huge mistake

    frances: send me a babysitter, i'm gonna see this mistake through to the end

    and this is what we were sent

    her name is aurora but i think i have to change it to ariel

    i could've sworn one of the last EPs allowed toddlers to go to community lots, but if so it's broken in my game, so i guess facebeast jr. will not be attending the wedding.


    feefs are you all right

    fifi: yeah. slowly phasing into my wedding dress. don't watch

    i forgot i changed medieval dress defaults so this was a vampy surprise



    wow spectra way to wear the same dress as one of the brides

    you monster

    fifi that's not the one ring it's just a wedding ring

    fifi: but it's MY one ring 8D

    marian: dang kendall that dress is hella. i bet it cost beaucoup bucks.

    kendall: ebay

    fifi are you trying to kiss her or swallow her whole

    frances: B̝̳ͬ͋ͮ̚̚E̥͐̃͌ͮ̉͊͟S̱͔̙̙̱̤̀̊̓̂͘T̼͍͔̖̥̖̋͌͆ͬ̓̄ͧ͠ ̙͍̟̲̘͈̑̂W̵̗̙͕͕̤̟ͧȄ͍̞͈̦̺̽̃̎̐̉͆̀Ë̥͍̘̥͚̠́̏ͯ͛̚̚̚K̨͛ ͓̱̎E̵̲̻̟̝͍͙̼͒ͮͥ̌̆̊̀V̥ͯ̅̾̚E͓͕̍̅R̡̮̔

    hello frankie fiebelkorn!!

    frankie: holla

    fifi: my first time gazing into the middle distance as a married woman. magical


    fifi: i'm hilarious

    you are a terror in the night

    frances: you're hilarious!

    fifi: told ya.

    cheez-its, you're both terrors in the night

    frances: and the day! don't limit us.

    fifi: i'm glad we held the ceremony here even though we didn't know even one of our guests

    marian: hot diggity damn spectra you lookin fine in that dress honey

    ahh, it wouldn't be a proper trip to wedding chapel 2.0 without a drunken proposal to a complete stranger

    spectra: so, hey, i'm a romance sim, how's about you and i go into that gender-neutral bathroom and i bang your gavel like a judge with a grudge

    fifi: gosh, that spectra is hot! especially in that dress.

    i think it's time you two went home

    it's also time to say goodbye

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