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the fiebelkorn legacy 4.6: triplets, bubbles and break-ins

i lied about no more month long delays i lied so much

let's get right to it w/ spectra stealing the show

and romancing the bathroom mirror

theirs is a torrid love affair

full of ups and downs


spectra: nah babe, no time for red hands

spectra: cuz it's a quarter past makeout o'clock

spectra: so what would you say is the best thing about my face
cute townie: ALL OF IT

what the fuck HOW did you miss another day of school gory you are in your uniform HOW
gory: lol idk



anyway gory grew up and grilled cheese

giratina: here's good. i'll sleep here tonight.

second ever instance of finger wiggle not ending in tragedy

spectra: ok but i'm still your favorite right
alegra: no doy

look at all these cuties

spectra's one of the most interesting sim kids i've had in a while. she hates school but loves learning how to make jack-in-the-boxes and pot holders and toy robots.

but her first and favorite hobby is still staring at herself in every reflective surface

giratina: see, i told you. way comfy.

stop that

gdi stop

go inside
giratina: no it's cool the alcohol's keeping me warm
mythbusters disproved that you dingnut

axe-throwing is practically a fiebelkorn rite of passage by now. they learn to split a man's skull from two hundred yards long before they learn to drive.

iris: sparkler!!

the fiebelkorn children would like to sing u an original composition entitled "what the fuck is a homework"

spectra: i learn plenty of things!
like how to make eighty potholders in one sitting

spectra: and how super mega hot i am

and how to get high as balls

honey: are you sure this is a good idea?
spectra: yeah i can totally feel the x-ray vision forming
where are your parents



azaya convinced me to let the stealth pregnancy run its course cuz maybe the baby would be cute or something. not much happened between pop and birth

the kids continued to fail at school

a sketchy flamingo burst into flames

lydread croose broke into the fucking house


and i was so not about to deal with raising three toddlers so the korns asked a genie or a witch or something to grow up their stupid kids by which i mean i forcibly aged them all up. meet river, sirena and twyla.

all the other kids except spectra headed off to college to make room in the house.

river: wow that is a grody-looking pool all right


meanwhile the girls bond over video games

and noogies

well maybe "bond" is too strong a word

sirena: punching. 8|

sirena: bubbles! 8D

i empathize very strongly with this

leland croose how did you get in here
leland: lol lydread let me in

winslow you do not live here

kendall: get out
winslow: i am gutted

sirena has had it up to here with these townies breaking in and doing all the bubble drugs

in all seriousness i have no idea why this keeps happening people just waltz the fuck in and park their ass at the bubble blower it's infuriating

hey hedwig thanks for not breaking in

river: don't tell anyone, but i think mom might be a fish

i'm guessing the fact that twyla here can sleep with her eyes open might've clued him in. that, or how fancy boatsink is blue and has gills.

misdreavus: i change my mind, exercise is terrible
i empathize very strongly with this also

alegra: if i hold perfectly still the appetizers will land in my mouth
good luck with that babydoll

FINALLY someone realizes how creepy these sensual sibling backrubs are. go fly a kite twyla.

twyla: k

hello alegra

alegra: this throne is soft on my harbles
good to know


other cutie

spectra continues to woo my entire population of teen townies

sirena: oh i know this bitch isn't back on my bubble blower


twyla: cheer up sis, at least it's just people breaking into the house and not, like, wolves
sirena: um

a dust cloud broke out and i figured sirena must have jumped pinkhair von bubbleblowerhog

but hark! pinkhair is here and unscathed

or rather, here and cheering on the fight. hi adorable grown up frankie!
adorable grown up frankie: sup

turns out, lydread decided to drop by again

the fight just went on and on and on, and after a couple sim hours, i realized that giratina's hunger bar was plummeting. lydread was trying to starve her to death. seriously, she's pure evil.

spectra: so are your fish eggs just really fertile or what? great omelette by the way
fancy boatsink: i'm going to face this direction now

cleanbot: /rampages

this: /happens every gosh dang time it's turned on

river: this is the right place to stand

i flipped a coin

it did not end well

poor baby :(

surely there must be something to cheer you up

ah, of course

sirena: CLOUDS 8D
no, bubbles

fun fact: spectra never sleeps. she doesn't have time what with constantly rolling wants to make toy robots and shit. she just gorges on coffee beans every day before the school bus comes.

fancy boatsink: furry land shark
alegra: just about, yes

spectra goddamn it don't encourage her

sirena is right to hate pinkhair von punchalot.

giratina: nah, that arm is pretty much numb from sirena hitting it.


sirena: EAT ON IT

i genuinely don't understand why she keeps coming back


the teens of vaude will put up with a lot for the chance to flirt with ~spectra~

twyla: you're not mom


it's a skilling race

sirena wins

victory punches for all!


and on that note it's time for everyone to go to college bye
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wow it was a super bad idea to drink my espresso hot chocolate while reading this jesus fucking christ you hilarious unicorn

turd toboggan


i can't compete with this, you've elevated us to a new standard honeybunch

when i saw it i screamed and dribbled coffee hot chocolate very unsexily all over my neck
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nothin's gonna ever keep u down
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Sirena is so violent and angry! I LOVE IT.