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the fiebelkorn legacy 4.5: everybody hates spectra

welcome back everybody. azaya and i have both been sad fluffs but we're trying to get back into the swing of things. hopefully there won't be anymore month-long delays between updates!

the adults in this household are still huge gross jerks that do nothing but kiss all over each other moving on

spectra: red hands?
honey: mine are teal, so no

spectra: /dances in place
despite how crappily just about everyone treats her, spectra's a pretty cheerful kid

except when it comes to the burglary in which nothing was stolen and they received a $500 reward for helping to capture the thief


honey: zzz i'm so awesome zzz

still haven't taken a picture of the front of the house, but here's the back

my game glitched and started spawning pointers faster than a xenomorph spits out face-huggers. but look i drew a smiley face.


i made some child townies for the kids to bring home

which they did

but only so they could ignore them

and only play with each other


thus whomp the womrat joins the household

hi whomp

alas it's time for frankie to leave for college :(

bye bb, you're basically a clone of kendall and thus have no chance at heir but i still love you

cleo: hey guys what's going on in this front yard

cleo's gonna leave for college soon too but desperately wants to kiss someone so out to the local ice cream shop he goes

where instead of looking for any teens to smooch up on, he eats a shitload of ice cream

to be fair the only other teenager on the lot is busy being browbeaten into a raisin bran pyramid scheme

cleo: i'm thinking i might get into flower arranging it really is an intricate artfor--
naia: YR HOT
have i mentioned how much i hate that my game does this

i completely forgot this idle animation existed and was rly confused when cleo kept wandering around the house pulling books out of his ass

matchmaker in perma-sneak: sup

cleo: please take my money and give me someone to kiss on
matchmaker: can do


i have never seen this fear before :o

there cleo you got your very first forehead kiss

... and forehead makeout

i didn't know toddlers could be scared by peekaboo but gory totally is aww

honey: you know what would go great with these cheese crackers

honey: more cheese

goodbye toddler gory

hello child gory!

you're off to a great start

everybody likes to harvest the corn. it's cool that they can autonomously stock the fridge with it, too!

fancy boatsink: whosa cute little appetizer? who is? is it whomp? yes it is!

alegra: are you there dumpling? it's me, alegra

i wouldn't, kiddo

spectra became obsessed with maxing body so i had to put in an obstacle course for her so she wouldn't keep trying to get in fancy boatsink's gross pool

and a flamingo lamp of the non-sketchy variety to cheer her on

spectra: /trails stink all down the block

giratina: to heck with this toilet

iris and gory: to heck with spectra additionally

giratina: now that i think about it yeah, to heck with spectra as well
no you know what can go straight to heck? that little lamp. it's a castaways extraction and it crashed the shit out of my game by making gory go on hunger strike.

honey: sparklers need not go to heck

you guys MADE MONEY off of that burglary attempt, cool your jets

grats on your face

the love letter animations are so cute i wish you got letters for dates higher than just "good" cuz i always aim for dream so i never get to see this


sorry my bad for aging you up before 6pm

these two have been kinda absent from this update cuz they're still just all about grilled cheese

and kissin'

this bodes well

hazeline: you can't escape the long arm of the law, o'leary!
spectra: you'll never take me alive, copper!

hazeline: that's not a problem because you're looking at 5 to 10 years in the electric chair, bub!
spectra: sweet oblivion, open your arms!

spectra: the icy embrace of death envelopes me :D


these two dinguses got into an endless loop of make out, be hungry, drink to sate the hunger, have to pee, make out some more.
alegra: here's good. i'll sleep here tonight.

giratina: oh no i'm peeing myself how unexpected
alegra: FOOD

fancy boatsink: grats on the pee

fancy boatsink: /pees on iris AGAIN
alegra: i have made a terrible error

misdreavus: /waits by gory's bedside all night in case she wakes up and wants another story

yeah it's pretty obvious who their favorite is

spectra: haha, i get it. corn! because we're the fiebelkorns! comedy gold!

honey: /is happy to play red hands with people who aren't spectra


a school of fishbabies

cleo: being a fish i need lots of liquids to survive and that's why this is my seventh gin and tonic this afternoon

gory: aaand grand jeté!

this picture might not seem noteworthy, but it's the result of a game of finger-wiggle that didn't end in tragedy. i was too shocked to take a quicker cap i literally didn't think it was possible for that interaction to end positively

anyway giratina wanted to have sex in public so she and fancy boatsink headed off to the local pool where everyone was freaking out over lydread

because of course she brought her birthday suit instead of her bathing suit. of course.


they shooed her for sexytime and this is the face she made i can't tell if she's angry at the public display or because they didn't invite her to join in

spectra: why did i decide to spend my childhood this way, lampy?
lampy the non-sketchy flamingo: i don't know spectra but keep trying hard and believe in yourself!
spectra: does that also apply to making my family love me?
lampy the non-sketchy flamingo: no


gory: i like pattycake!

gory: but i hate you

iris rly took to whomp and plays with her every day after school

spectra: so that's what affection looks like

spectra: hugs?
fancy boatsink: ew no keep your filthy hands away from me tiny meatcreature i know you tried to pollute my pool with your skin flakes!!
harsh, fancy

shockingly, alegra the notoriously mean is the nicest to spectra out of the entire household
alegra: what can i say i'm a sucker for an undercat

disapproving bear disapproves of this public display

moya here, however, does not

random townie hookups are still the cutest

spectra: and in conclusion everyone in this house is a jerk and i hope they all step on legos
honey: spaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaace! yeeeeeeehaw!

no one invited this wolf inside o_o

several of the kids aged up and spectra was welcomed into teenhood by parental embarrassment

spectra: ughhhh my parents are so gross

spectra: ughhhhhhh my aunts are even grosser

honey: tell me about it

kendall: yeah, what a shameless public display

anyway here are the teens. spectra!


and iris!

and that's all for this update bye

p.s. if you have wcifs pls do ask them here instead of on my tumblr ok bye for real this time
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[personal profile] sixtylilies 2014-12-17 12:46 am (UTC)(link)
>you're basically a clone of kendall and thus have no chance at heir but i still love you

JUST ACCORDING TO KEIKAKU those genetics will be a blessing elsewhere ewe

bless u and your cheese chasing, honey


i was gonna be like whO THE FUCK WAS FRIENDS W HER ANYWAY but then i remembered it was fancy boatsink.

hi there pooklet i have 2 wcifs

(Anonymous) 2014-12-17 01:12 am (UTC)(link)
1) auto restock fridge. where is this i need this?? 2) mounted bear head. i used to have this and now i can't find it anywhere

thank you and thanks for your korns and your humor

Re: hi there pooklet i have 2 wcifs

(Anonymous) 2014-12-17 02:53 am (UTC)(link)
thanks! i figured out i was actually looking for hodgekiss' skyrim conversions. http://poltersims.tumblr.com/post/71100406966/second-reupload-the-wall-mounted-animals-wall i had to reblog the post to get to the download link because hodgekiss' tumblr theme only shows images.
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[personal profile] drewsims 2014-12-17 06:29 pm (UTC)(link)
all the kids are so!!! pretty!!!
actually everyone is but yeah
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[personal profile] drewsims 2014-12-18 07:47 pm (UTC)(link)
i agree how r u supposed to pic an heir??? it is impossible
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[personal profile] sixtylilies 2014-12-20 04:18 am (UTC)(link)
it got sO MUCH WORSE but i persevered. and i stand by my choice.
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[personal profile] pyrrhocorax 2015-03-04 12:58 pm (UTC)(link)

Some Small WCIF'S

(Anonymous) 2015-05-26 05:09 pm (UTC)(link)
Love the update fancy boatsink is so freaking cute I can't get over it, but just wanted to ask where can I find the cute Pastel Bunkbeds as I love them, also where can I get the outfits in this update, and Giratina and Spectra's Hair?

(Anonymous) 2015-05-26 06:24 pm (UTC)(link)
Mostly just wanted to know where to get giratina and fancy boatsink's outfits?