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the fiebelkorn legacy 4.2: shady flamingos & shadier turkeys.

second title cap featuring the real star of this legacy: toxic fuckin b.o. fumes

tina is still chipping away at this whole romance sim thing

she's been doing better than before

like, a lot.
sketchy lamp flamingo: hey tall goth and blue-haired u come here often

i call this piece "lol romance/family sims"

i feel like i've seen this before

seriously cardinal u need to do something about that green stinOOOHHH MY GOD FANCY BOATSINK

fancy neckbreak: /does that

i documented every instance of misdreavus and kendall remembering frankie's existence

because for the most part she spends her time like this

i guess it runs in the family??

aunt giratina to the rescue!

both fiebelheirs have family secondaries but while misdreavus's twin loves of cheese and kendall conquer all else, tina has frequent bursts of BABY??? BABY!!! amid wants otherwise dominated by the desire to smooch on hot babes

a study in cuteness pt. 1

a study in cuteness pt. 2


misdreavus potty-trains frankie (cuz i made her)

kendall reads to frankie (cuz i made her)


who needs marriage when u can vulcan mind meld tho

atiya: /makes whatever that face is

giratina: i wish to be the most pastel-kei bitch on the block. also it would be nice if everyone in town wanted up on this hotness
genie: technically that's two wishes but given the state of the economy i will make an exception



qt townies hooking up at the community pool
hedwig: just get a whiff of that kissin

hedwig: this hot tub is in the way of me getting in this hot tub please assist, college did not prepare me for dilemmas of this complexity
giratina: i like mouth-kissing plenty, but honestly i'm not picky about locale

hedwig: so what were you saying about indiscriminate kissing?
cardinal: should you really be in here what with being a rotting corpse and all?
giratina: omg cardinal u can't just ask rotting corpses whether they should be in hot tubs

but cardinal is right that hot water and dead skin don't mix so out goes hedwig
hedwig: haha whoops guess i left my trunks in the tub again
cardinal: but seriously what is up with finn and boats does he have a phobia or something
atiya: i don't know man i'm just trying to ignore the eyeful of zombie bits dangling right above your head

moth: why
embry: sorry moth i know we've been sort of dating for the last couple of days but we both have three bolts with giratina now which makes you my sworn enemy for her affections
giratina: niiiice

giratina and fancy boatsink: niiiiiiiiice

muffled marvin murderdeer in the distance: niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice

fancy boatsink: i just had sex

but now it is time for a larger house, one of the edward scissorhouses from azaya's neighborhood! magnificent wifefluff decorated the entire thing for me. :D :D :D

as you can see it is just down the road from their old house

misdreavus: just get a whiff of that namesake

giratina: /continues to be the only one who sporadically cares for the baby

sketchy lawn flamingo: psst i got blue jolly ranchers if you need a buyer

alegra: /breaks in the new house the only way she knows how

alegra: you're gonna make me one, right?

hey i think you guys might be forgetting something
you guys: nah

are you sure
sketchy lawn flamingo: psst kid yr old enough for hard candy right

giratina: see she made it on her own just fine
frankie: /happily gums on hands made filthy from crawling the entire length of the house

must u

this potty training session officially endorsed by baphomet

misdreavus: tickle tickle!
frankie: do i even know you

misdreavus: i am holding a bag of poop

frankie grows up with no cake because the sims is pretty much child neglect: the game.
frankie: dexterity will make for a nice change!

yeesh looks like frankie has joined the una gashlycrumb club of forceful lemon personality havers

alegra: finger wiggle only ever end in heartbreak you know

finger wiggle: /ends in heartbreak
frankie: i did not see that one coming

misdreavus: lol this turkey's neckhole looks like a butthole
kendall: /THREEBOLTS

kendall: heck yeah i remain the reigning queen of slaphands
misdreavus: these eggs are gonna be so good
it bodes so well that u have no idea what yr even cooking missy

misdreavus burnt the nourishment and left it on the floor, and alegra stuck her entire face inside of it.

alegra: well that was a mistake on my part /pukes back onto the turkey


misdreavus: that sure does look delicious /cuisine++

anyway i stopped them from eating the terror turkey and they all had some hairball-free mac and cheese instead
giratina: we gotta get your shoe collection started soon kiddo, how do you feel about kitten heels

frankie: actually i prefer stompy boots with my frilly dresses. grunge femme 4 life

the i-just-blue-myself bathroom lives on

frankie: why i am doing this i hate mini golf

you're the one who wants to build charisma
frankie: and you couldn't get me a microphone to burp into?

misdreavus: u ok
kendall: yeah just phasing slowly into the bathroom door while threebolting at the art around your head don't watch

paperdelivery von mouthbreathe: /does that

cardinal: all the fiebels in the house say heyyyy
kendall: if that's a veiled criticism of me i won't hear it and i won't respond to it

misdreavus: oh shit
haha you wish it was

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