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the fiebelkorn legacy 4.1: fishbits.

it's that time again

time for misdreavus and kendall to follow each other constantly to the detriment of their motives

kendall: this butt is a work of art

giratina: UGH, FRIENDSHIP /glares into the middle distance
alegra: UGH, FRIENDSHIP /pukes everywhere

giratina: now is the appropriate time to stick my face in your face
alegra: if you say so

suddenly we are downtown at the coffin bean.
giratina: i must look alert, lydread could be anywhere
just fucking scope the room already

oh, really?

are you sure

because you guys have one friggin bolt
giratina: i am learning to lower my standards

orchid: may i proceed with a pickup line about cracking open your safe?
fancy boatsink: you may

unsavory charlatan: these would make excellent containers for the raisin bran

meanwhile, tina relocates to the one spot on the lot w/ the absolute ugliest background to FINALLY find someone amenable to flirting

omfg no get back to the flirting before fancy changes her


fancy boatsink: lydread told me all about how your threw yourself at her fists and also crushed her dreams of being on dancing with the sims

giratina: this is not how i had imagined the boob-touching would go

fancy boatsink: >:[

unsavory charlatan: tsk! such small thinkers in this town. i do hope my cousin is having better luck in afterwards!
keziah: but hedgehogs don't even like raisin bran

i went out of my way to make a new batch of townies specifically to give giratina a better chance at doing romance sim things

and this

is how she repaid me
giratina: everyone is gross, including people that i thought were hot shit two days ago

back at home, kendall is about to discover that an encyclopedic knowledge of cheese sandwiches and the grilling thereof doesn't make lobster thermidor any easier to cook

kendall: i am shocked and dismayed at this turn of events
misdreavus: cheese, cheese, cheese, it's a cheddar cheese~

beau: hey giratina could i speak to someone who is not you

giratina: no but have you considered my bust

kendall and misdreavus: /cram themselves into the tiny, toxic bathroom to flirt all over each other
kendall don't put your leg there, it'll turn into a super villain

lydread no
lydread: LYDREAD YES

misdreavus: you know who's hot? me
kendall: oooh misdreavus oooh /swoon

misdreavus: yep, that is definitely a light switch
kendall: a room that contains misdreavus is the best room in which to bathe

misdreavus: even your green stink is sexy, and that deserves a thumbs up.
kendall: shucks

misdreavus: kendall kendall kendall kendall kendall kendall kendall kendall kendall kendall kendall kendall kendall kendall kendall kendall kendall kendall

i sent giratina to yet another community lot (the library this time) to try to pick up some attractive humans

she made some friends but no datefriends

i remain sad that she and beau have good chemistry and yet no desire to act on it

giratina: maybe i'm not cut out for this romance sim stuff

this is a lot azaya made for me based on an actual restaurant from my childhood that was called china dynasty but for like an entire year the 'dy' was perpetually burnt out and that was just super charming to me /unnecessary exposition

giratina: this lo mein is exquisite
it is also not why you are here go flirt w/ someone for fuck's sake

beau and lucretia: we have picked this moment to act on our latent sexual chemistry
orchid: i DISAPPROVE

i have been playing this game for a decade and i've never seen a sim do this before


embry: wow the magnitude of yr hotness is forcing me to abruptly end our interaction and leave this lot bye don't follow me

kendall: /huffs some flowers

kendall: /hits on a mailbox that reminds her of misdreavus??

kendall: /lol jk was using her toxic-toilet-induced x-ray vision to gaze at misdreavus all the way in the basement

misdreavus: that is also, definitely, a light switch

walk-through blocks + three bolt sims = this. constantly.

holy shit ANOTHER person willing to flirt w/ giratina? what is this, opposite planet?
kendall: has this window always been here?

cardinal: free booze? don't mind if i do

cardinal: ...

cardinal: /sips drink
that's not weird

misdreavus: i can't even tell anymore if this is cheese bloat or the baby

alegra: WHAT BABY??

alegra: brb sharping my claws for reasons unrelated to tiny, drooling usurpers moving in on MY FUCKIN TURF

giratina got a makeover because i thought maybe it would help?
giratina: i am ready to do the kissing

giratina: and also the poker
winslow: ok, this is the big leagues, folks. minimum bet is five blue jolly ranchers.

holy shit!!
lucretia: yeah, get some giratina


mind blown

fancy boatsink: mostly i spend my time drowning sailors but this is nice too

lucretia: my loins are all aflutter

giratina: THIS is how i imagined the boob-touching would go

giratina: so like exactly how much of you is fish parts

get out of that fucking bathroom you adorable jerks

alegra: i am going to eat all of these pop tarts, and then i am going to puke up all of these pop tarts.
it's good to have goals.

giratina invited fancy over and fancy was like "hey can i bring a friend" and guess the fuck who the friend was

giratina: fancy, my turtle dove! how good of you to visit me so late at night and ALL ALONE
fancy boatsink: but i'm not alommff

lydread: so are you going to invite me in or
giratina: NOOOOOPE

giratina: get those gorgeous fishbits over here, sugar
lydread: ah, smell that salty sea breeze

abruptly, the miracle of birth
misdreavus: oof, this is almost as bad as the time i challenged kendall to a cheese-eating contest

hello frankie fiebelkorn, welcome to the notwomb. i have decided to try actually playing babies instead of immediately aging them up into toddlers. what could go wrong?

giratina, where's the baby
giratina: what baby?

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[personal profile] sundried 2014-08-09 03:21 am (UTC)(link)
Oh my god that last picture. I cannot breathe I'm laughing so hard.
pyrrhocorax: a furret has a pink flower behind her ear (Default)

[personal profile] pyrrhocorax 2014-08-09 03:20 pm (UTC)(link)
it's important to keep babies cool on a hot day, right?

I think it's probably bad form to do a wcif on a legacy post but if it's not then please can you point me in the direction of Fancy's fish leggings?
pyrrhocorax: a furret has a pink flower behind her ear (Default)

[personal profile] pyrrhocorax 2014-08-09 03:59 pm (UTC)(link)
and half my comment got left off somehow

I was so excited when Fancy appeared because she looked like a mermaid and then she WAS a mermaid! MERMAIDS!

Kendall is so cute. so very cute.

it's really interesting that you have those big out of town chinese restaurants where you live too! I thought they were just a french thing because the ones in england are all small and urban. maybe it's because england is a small country? why am I rambling about this on a sims legacy post goodbye.
pyrrhocorax: a furret has a pink flower behind her ear (Default)

[personal profile] pyrrhocorax 2014-08-22 06:46 pm (UTC)(link)
thank you! and thank you for the gif warning too.
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[personal profile] spyroeldragon 2014-08-11 05:33 am (UTC)(link)
oh my gosh yay it's a new fiebelbaby but get the baby out of the fridge giratina
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