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Fiebelkorn Legacy 3.3

it's a bird, it's a plane, it's a fiebelkorns introduced by an ancient wheezing joke

the rest is better than the intro i promise

psych it's all on par, i.e. stuffed with painfully obvious humor

jellicent: this new addition to the family must be dealt with swiftly, murderdeer

jellicent: this will make a fine dump spot for the body

alegra: appetizers

giratina, as you might remember, was just born

jellicent: excellent, levitation has positioned me perfectly to control this large buffoon. i am closer than ever to carrying out my plans.

banette: what the hell man

jem: oh my gosh look at you, you're a BABY

jem: oh my gosh look at you, you're a babe

i can confirm that this is exactly what marriage is like actually

noirelle: good job being hot. a+

i guess i had almond come over and cast the servant spell cuz the tub was broken? i don't remember, this was like four months ago

banette: time to pen a masterpiece

banette: jk time to annoy alegra

alegra: you have met your goal

banette: omg no misdreavus i can't let her see my jacob black x me fanfic

misdreavus: i jumped THIS HIGH today in gym class

alegra: prove it


at this point banette, topically, started rolling werewolf wants and wouldn't stop so

aunt werewolf crystal: sure i guess i can scrub the bathroom grout later

banette: i considered becoming a witch but i'm not sold on the giant hats

crystal: lol right

jem: is this a bad time

crystal: i do good work son

banette: why did i want this

two words: werewolf sex

misdreavus: hey dude come watch man vs. wild with me!

banette: HAH that show is all faked

banette: seriously how do you have two best friends when you watch this crap

misdreavus: LOOK OUT, THERE'S A SNAKE!

misdreavus: anyway how can you say that? you're my bff you douche

banette: when this is over can we at least watch mindfreak, now THAT'S a quality show

misdreavus: it is not. you just want to rub criss angel's lamp

banette: i'm done watching tv with you.

noirelle: *spousestalks*

ellyd and i do this too


alegra: hey guys what's going on in this couch

green kid: i like your planet! it's nicer than mine.

misdreavus: *likes this*

ahh the delicious scent of friendship

banette: 8o

banette: BD

banette: u ok

alegra: yup just phasing slowly into another dimension don't watch

the hellspawn groweth

banette: man jacob isn't gonna know what hit him (it's gonna be my dick)

alegra: could you have your bonding sesh somewhere else the furniture isn't gonna destroy itself

this is just chess

missy is cute

the house was way too small for six people and also getting glitchy so i moved the family to one of the scissorhandsy houses in the main part of town. which meant i got to decorate it

it's so good

i love lamp

kids' room is basically the same cuz i liked it a lot


banette: holy fuck a TREE

tiny gengar: >:D

giratina grows up

misdreavus: morning cuddlebugs

my spider sense says the school bus is coming

noirelle: bring that train over to my tunnel bubba

jem: choo choo

noirelle: wow a dracula

jem: hmm well i've always found fur-lined handcuffs to be the nicest but i know that not everyone wants fuzz in their sex toys

honey don't talk to strangers about bondage

giratina: want a treat, alegra? sit! siiit

alegra: surrender the treat, or your life

teendreavus *__*

at the bowling alley because of course


noirelle: hey

misdreavus: CHEESE

doll rolled grilled cheese primary and i'm really psyched about it



blue kid: don't be speciesist you just suck at pokemon stadium

misdreavus: i will inspire such works of art the likes of which the world has never seen

stinky: tickle tickle

misdreavus: LOL

misdreavus: ugh i have abruptly noticed you smell

stinky: i see

blue kid: my home planet's sun is very different from this one

stinky: i see

noirelle: GET OUT

stinky: tickle tickle worked before

misdreavus: IT'S WORKED AGAIN

giratina: heavy shit

i guess i thought this was noteworthy

jem: fuck off sun i'm not done sleeping

ooo getting a little somethin somethin in the photo booth eh

hi melba

*jaws music*

*music crescendos*


almond: i gotta break me off a piece of that


banette: if i said i was putting on my robe and wizard hat, would you hold it against me

virgil: YEAH i don't even care that that made no sense

banette: the way your skin reflects the sunlight is so exquisite

jem: is almond coming

no bb she has a whole family to bang at home

noirelle: i don't blame her for wanting to bone you, you're mega babely. i'll shank her if she comes near you though

jem: thanks

jem: almond how did you get this number

alegra: ^v^

i think i took this cuz i was laughing about 'fluffy' but here now you can see the outside of the house for the first time ever

what is with coffee bushes and catching on fire the fritter bush went up in flames like four times

i just realized how terribly 'fritter bush' could be misinterpreted so here's alegra on a counter

misdreavus: i would like to marriage

giratina: here is my report card. i have performed well.

jem: cool

misdreavus: wow what a creep

alegra: tiny pink sausages

adult banette


such grown up

much handsome



misdreavus: i think i know what you meant by fritter bush earlier

i'm sO SORRY

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such fiebel

many korns
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i know jem's feelings on the sun because they are basically my own

love the look of the new house! i noticed there was a swing by the that actually functional?
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thank you lovely!! :3 i appreciate it :)