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fiebelkorn legacy 3.1

as ellyd mentioned in their last update, i wrote this back in may because I DO WHAT I WANT so here it is now

with slightly updated text, though the general feel of lowercase letters and absurdity remains

this is noirelle, the fiebelheiress

she started painting immediately

really immediately

this is her little house btw, it's from a set of 10 tiny houses on maty that i have always liked very much

it's adorable but photographing the decorating was teeeerrible.

decorating came out good though if i do say so myself.

hey noirelle since this is a legacy you wanna go look for a partner, or

noirelle: don't make me do stuff

noirelle: hi i'm noirelle. i am really into your makeup. like REALLY into it. it's rad.

mitch gothier: wow. really?

meanwhile, two townies find identically-coiffed love

noirelle: soap in the fountain? yessss! what a clever and flawlessly executed humorous prank!

angry braids: I DISAGREE

flush with exhilaration in the wake of her new love connection, comburenthair maxisclothes reprises her hilarious prank

comburenthair maxisclothes: if it was funny once it'll be funny again!

words i live my life by, as ellyd could testify

noirelle: hmm, i could see myself mating with you.

dawn: proceed


noirelle: oh my stars and garters that looks painful

dawn: i wonder if the fur grows everywhere

jem sparkle of the sparklecy sparkles: i've been told i'm hung like an elephant.

noirelle: BABE ALERT

noirelle: hi i'm noirelle!

jem: hi, i'm jem. i like your dress.

fitzgerald: yeah jem, get you some (again)

back at home noirelle follows up:

noirelle: hey jem, you want to come over? you could put on your robe and wizard hat

painting is still her first love, though, and is the only reason she has any money at all after i decorated

jem, very belatedly: so about that robe and wizard hat stuff

jem: *waits for robes and wizard hats to materialize*

belladonna: i was just standing here and gadwin went off by itself i'm not a model

noirelle: butterflies pls

oh noirelle bb. that's... a heck of a sexy face.

well i guess it worked

noirelle: please leave

no owo

jem where did you get that kind of money though

your parents are tomato farmers who've taken a vow of silence

with that sweet sweet cash we bought afterwards's local cheese shack! and this is the last you will ever see of it so far.

after moving in jem celebrated by cleaning everything

at this point i took out a couple of hacks because ellyd and i had been reading simplicist's legacies together and i wanted to give my sims the opportunity to do some repetitive dumb shit

noirelle: grats on being hot though

i came to regret this


have you ever been robbed though sweetie cuz

i don't think you have


noirelle: aww is that french?

no bbgirl

bbgirl is gorgeous though i mean, damn

jem: a yellow-crested cockatoo? in these latitudes?!

noirelle: urp impregnated

noirelle: what a gorgeous day to paint everything forever

murderdeer: word

noirelle: *threebolts*

noirelle: *threebolts*

noirelle: *pregnants*


to the wedding chapel we go but i discovered in short order that they were not actually engaged yet


noirelle: omg babydoll you have the best taste

jem: eh it looks better on you

jem's sister crystal came to the wedding! enjoy having a blood tie to the fucking fritters noirelle

what are YOU doing here?

almond: i go where i want, i'm the voldemort of afterwards

beckoning cat clock: *beckons to the unborn*

jem what

are you doing


so there's the baby

apparently his blood is helium

jem: smoosh smooch

noirelle: omg tee hee

baby: um

anyway here's banette, we finally got him to stop floating

when i was trying to think of a name ellyd suggested this generation be named after pokemon, so prepare yourself for a legion of children all named after ghost types js

noirelle: snuggle snuggle

jem: omg what if banette sees my diary and reads my innermost, private thoughts

then i think he'd be a prodigy given that he was just born two minutes ago

i put in this cute lounger, noirelle really likes it

noirelle: well that stings doesn't it

murderdeer: *looms*

noirelle: *threebolts some more*

jem: BY JOVE

jem: THAT IS


noirelle: weed is excellent for creativity

jem: *irmgards*

banette: *toddlers*

noirelle: why are these chess pieces not chess colors

because ea are dumbfucks is why

jem: whatcha doing kid

banette: toddler stuff

jem: wow i smell so good

noirelle: *agrees*

banette sweetie don't do that

banette: leave me alone i'm just strengthening my immune system

noirelle: this smells astonishingly like poop

noirelle: step into my boudoir

hey beautiful

noirelle: SMGORLPH

jem: there is a tv downstairs and it looks nothing like the one i am describing to you, diary

hey beauti— stoner

noirelle: i'm not stoned i'm just trying to resign myself to another three days of pregnancy

banette grew up and is a real qt

more threebolting occurs

and yet more

yes omg look at this cat how perfectly charming sign me up

i've made a huge mistake

alegra: hello bluebird it's nice to meet you, you can call me the harbinger of your destruction. or alegra

all right, well, this doesn't seem so bad

i spoke too soon

this fluffy jerk is really cute though


noirelle: you super did

seems legit

well here's misdreavus
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this family issuper awesome i can't even