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fiebelkorn legacy 2.2

hello there guess what i forgot to update for four months

let's just dive right in with odette's hands-off approach to parenting working its magic

no one: /failed to see that coming

truly sunbeam, it is a mystery why people don't want to play games involving fists with you

noirelle: hints, motherbleeper, can you take them

sunbeam: i sense that i draw ever closer to cracking the code on having friends other than you and dad, mom

i don't think zie and hir very public lover are even bffs at this point


sunbeam: TICKLES? :D

in which the kids assemble and no one gets harassed or punched or prematurely exposed to sexy times, SUNBEAM

it goes to show how much attention i pay to trill that i haven't a clue how this happened

i'm far too busy watching noirelle's 24/7 occupation of ~the zone~

this dog is named hazel and i wanted to adopt her into the family cuz before i saw her name i was like "aww her black ears and nose are so cute. speaking of noses man it's weird how 'nasal' is such a gross word but 'hazel' is such a pretty one, that dog's name should be hazel" and then it WAS and i was like :O IT'S DESTINY WE MUST HAVE HER but then she vanished and never returned to the lot the end

odette pls

trill: my good sir, might i be so bold as to say that you are a whole lot of man?

luna grows up! still cute! still a clone!

still mad at sunbeam for hir unconventional approach to sex education!

noirelle: whatever this zone is, i don't want to be in it
it's called homework, a thing you haven't done since ever and yeah it sucks


oops my finger slipped and i made sunbeam drink the green juice while zie wasn't in gold thus aging hir to catch up with noirelle cuz let's be honest they're the only two really eligible for heir at this point oops zie's not the only one i did this to oops trill and luna are going to age up before noirelle and sunbeam cuz i want them out of the house already oops


dwain: all the mailboxes in the house say HEY
mailbox: /resides on the lawn, in point of fact, and thus remains silent

sunbeam decided it is hir destiny to be a toymaker, an ambition that can barely be contained by this 1x1 house lot. what i wouldn't give for one-tile craft benches.

dwain: AGH, KEGELS

odette: mmm, kegels

another entry in the sunbeam fiebelkorn guide to making friends

family dinner time! look at all these beautiful people

luna: mom, dad, acknowledge my accomplishments!

mom and dad: /are busy engaging in extremely public makeouts, their fave!

they also wouldn't shut up about getting the kids into private school so
professor fabio-ginger von iforgotthisskinwasgeneticized: sup

are you cereal you guys after all that GET EVERY FUCKING SPAWN OF OURS INTO PRIVATE SCHOOL wants spamming yr gonna sit this one out for bathroom waltzing?

odette: /twirls dwain

and then they went to sex 'n' sleep. noirelle singlehandedly got everyone but luna into private school cuz luna is flunking and never rolled a homework want.

townie: what a glorious spring day /CHEST THRUST OF APPROVAL

odessa is apparently biffs w/ dwain and invited herself over to watch bathroom waltzing round forty bajillion.

trill grew up! yay for trill!

now get out

meanwhile i noticed odessa exhibiting some ... strange behavior in the general direction of sunbeam

following from room to room and generally behaving like a three-bolter kind of odd

she even let sunbeam talk shit to her about her bff dwain

sunbeam: want to play games involving physical violence?

this milkshake: /brings all the bi-gender humans to the yard even tho that is presently illegal not that that has ever stopped sunbeam before i mean seriously zie's never expressed an interest in anything but being the may to someone's december you know what i'm sayin

whereas kids sunbeam's age get the business end of hir noogies

noirelle: cry about it

he'll do you one better. of course, that depends on yr definition of "better"

i wouldn't ever describe invoking sunbeam's infinite capacity for wrath as "better" personally

is it

sunbeam did it for the lulz hashtag yolo

first official meeting of the sidebraid committee

noirelle: being the only remotely lucid sim in this house i am concerned about this turn of events

noirelle: eh he'll be fine. mmmm, feta.


although odette was amenable to dwain's suggestion that they try some mermaid-themed sexy role play, mr. shrieky the house plant was thoroughly scandalized.

this: /is not going to end well

feel free to step in any time dwain
dwain: nahh, they got this

how about you, odette, any thoughts?
odette: yeah, i'm thinking of calling tomorrow's grilled cheese of the day 'gouda vibrations' but i'm open to suggestions

... not strictly what i had in mind but ok

drunk with victory, luna passed out on the floor and everyone just kinda stepped over him to go about their business

sunbeam: now that you mention it, i must admit i am indeed smokin'

odessa: my what a fascinating centerpiece that requires prolonged and in depth study

odessa: lol jk just checking out my bff's teenage daughter nbd

dwain continues to not mind this turn of events but then i'm not entirely sure he's aware of any happenings outside of odette's orbit

luna grew up and moved out to spread his cheer and good will throughout the sim bin, indefinitely

and then there were two

plagues were contracted

and then noirelle's birthday snuck up on me and i was sad cuz MY BABY NOO /CLUTCHES DESPERATELY

with sunbeam lagging a single day behind, zie finally got a cake unspoilt by upstaging siblings

and that's it for my generation! :D

although sunbeam was the most bombastic by far, except for hir eye/brow area, zie's pretty much a straight up clone of odette. with noirelle being a much better mix of her parents, and with less in the way of romantic prospects thus allowing for her to kinda have her own story in azaya's neighborhood, she was picked for heiress! sunbeam will stick around w/ me and continue to be a hellion. possibly there will be a spares update for hir.

i know azaya already has the next part written so you shouldn't have to wait too long on updates IT WAS JUST ME AND MY LAZY SELF HOLDING UP THE FIEBELKORN PARTY

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