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Sparklecy 2.6

Out of FUCKING NOWHERE an extremely belated update appears. 2013 sucks and so do I.
It's kind of short, but there's another on the way, sooo

Last time, the Sparkles were landed with a little stinkbutt named Nightshade.

The Sparkles are super great parents, obviously.

Dewdrop: Ilu bb! You are the sun and stars and moon 2 meee.

Dewdrop: I send my affection in your general direction~
Syd: Grazie. I will cherish this gift.

Syd: So... how would you feel about magical girl roleplay?

Syd: Ugh this is not the outcome I had in mind. *sob*
Les Toilettes: There, there, mon cher

Mason: So. babies. I hear you're awash in babies.
Syd: Um.

Mason: Babies ლ(́◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ)

Mason: Babies (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ

Mason: Well. okay. This is not as good as babies, but whatever.

Nightshade is a cute little mop haired runt.

Syd: I am somehow starving despite being conveniently located near a cake!

Mason: You know, the cake is pretty good. It might even be better than babies! Imagine that!
Syd: Goood to knooooww...

Syd: Now I am somehow starving despite being in a bathroom which is adjacent to the kitchen (which has cake)!

Syd's Potty Training Face


Dewdrop's Potty Training Face.

I imagine that penguins are basically an invasive species in the simiverse.


Welcome back to another episode of Syd's sick, sad adventures with bladder control
Les Toilettes: *weeps*

Syd: Just excuse me while I bask in my own pungent aroma

Syd's belly: *produces shockwaves somehow*

Mason: I hope you're happy I stole this invisible newspaper instead of your newborn young.

Dewdrop is still working on his robot army.

Dun dun dun

This is Hemlock, the bushy browed.

Syd: What a tranquil moment this is! How lovely to not be on the brink of disaster!

Suddenly, total fucking meltdown!
Loss of bladder control round 3!

Nothing's coming up Dewdrop ;-;

Syd: I AM STILL SOMEHOW STARVING AND ALSO STINKY despite being located next to a FRIDGE

E.A.Poe: *sigh*

Cleanbot: *SIGH*

Nightshade grew up and no one noticed. I think they're super cute, though. ;-;

Hemlock: FML

Cleanbotticus, the unclean, mother of filthy piles, etc.

Nightshade: Somewhere, beyond the seaaa, is a home for meeee, that does not smell like peeee

Syd: I am so done

what. what. what.
I didn't even know a sim could sigh at another????

Nightshade: Today I have concluded that this is a godless world.

Syd: *Casually strums Rains of Castamere*

And somehow, in the midst of yuckiness and aspiration failure, Hemlock made it to toddlerhood.
The stink fumes seem to be permanent fixture, because no amount of washing has made them go away.
So... pigpen, basically.

I don't know how to end, so

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This is a pretty bomb update!!! And oh being in a pigpen....
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sixtylilies: a bicyclist smoking and saying "YEAH girl" with an extremely self-satisfied expression. (yeah girl)

[personal profile] sixtylilies 2013-06-19 12:43 am (UTC)(link)
i laughed super hard at baSICALLY EVERYTHING

seriously, i kept barklaughing and shrieklaughing to the point of deeply disturbing my cats.