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fiebelkorn legacy 2.1

thus continues the lazy legacy. I'M SORRY I'M NOT FUNNY TODAY

noirelle continues to be gr9 with the babies

excuse you townie hands off the sprog

odette: now is the perfect time to wash my hands six times in a row

odette: yes this plan is an excellent plan

odette: oh, dwain sweetie i didn't see you there! bathing. nakedly. i did not notice that at all.

noirelle gets an appropriately mahou shoujo hairstyle

i love this jack skellington toy and so does sunbeam i just wish it didn't borkily revert to the bear textures after a while

there's something meta in the way sims stick to the computer like glue but it's going over my head rn


yes good more sprog

noirelle: mmm, death. smells like cumin.

odette u ok

perfect noirelle is perfect and rolled fortune/grilled cheese

sunbeam's turn

look at you, you little dollface

and then dwain birthed again and thus there was luna

only prob is luna is an exact clone of noirelle and thus ineligible for heir oops

they've stopped autonomously trying for baby, but that's all they've stopped

aw hell

i really like the welcome-home hugs, they're cute

noirelle continues to be the most family-oriented non-family sim

sunbeam: YARRR. derisive statements about non-seafaring folk, implication of cowardice vis-à-vis metaphors invoking the coloration of one's stomach and insinuations of chronic vitamin C deficiency!

sunbeam stole trill and luna's cake and dumped it down the sink. because of reasons. time travel reasons.

luna! cutiepie, but still a clone.

trill is cute if kinda boring and rolled knowledge/grilled cheese. the cheese is strong in this family

except when odette blows my mind by autonomously making SALAD.



trill: mind if i join?


sunbeam: first third grade, then the world

oh noirelle my poor baby

staying limber together

and embarrassing their kids with extremely public makeout sessions

sunbeam: sleep through my cake will you? fine i'll just time-travel and ruin YOUR cake

sunbeam: oh god no lipstick please

jeez fine p.s. sunbeam's family/popularity

i forced trill to eat all the muffins he burned as a kid. we don't waste food in this family

dwain's not a grilled cheese sim in any capacity but he always gets super excited when odette wants to talk to him about grilled cheese and i think it's rly sweet

oh so that's where sunbeam gets it

trill continues to bring home kids who hate him

and promptly ditch him for his cute sister

trill's cool with it tho, he does have one friend


i hope you mean elspeth there and not your sibling, noirelle, yeesh

sunbeam wanted a date and got an adult cuz goddamn it game why are you like this

it worked out pretty well though


well that escalated quickly

i don't even know what to caption this i'm just baffled

hooray trill finally made a friend that isn't sunbeam and look their glasses even match


noirelle: mmm, smells like cumin.

meanwhile the rest of the family watches a movie together

a movie about--oh dear god

miss pretty: greeting citizens, from your one true overlord. me.
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Noirelle is a beautiful bubblegum queeeeeeen.
I am also so pleased Trill made a matching glasses friend.

Now I am trying to sit here and remember what cumin smells like. I fear that if I actually open a bottle, it will end in disaster.