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Sparklecy 2.5

sparkle02 001

So, I now realize that I probably numbered this update wrong. Whoopsie daisy.
This commentary is lousy but I had the tab open for two days and I just couldn't deal anymore.. >_<

sparkle02 002

Dewdrop's bachelor pad somehow morphed into a overly large, partially furnished brick box.

sparkle02 003

sparkle02 004

sparkle02 005

I don't know. It's like a fucking Ikea catalog, honestly. I'll fix it later.

sparkle02 006

Dewdrop: *has had enough of my bullshit excuses*

sparkle02 007

Dewdrop: Wow, I am basically Cy Twombly Junior! People should be throwing simoleons at me right now!

sparkle02 008

Sometimes I ponder as to whether or not Mr. Humble was crafted by Rod Humble himself, or some disgruntled EA employees.
Either way, it's a pretty good likeness.

sparkle02 009

Meet Kiyoshi, the randomly generated demon ginger gardening club member.

sparkle02 011

As it happens, Kiyoshi is a total douchenugget.

sparkle02 012

Dewdrop: I'm going to need you to stay the fuck away from my nose!!

sparkle02 013

Thankfully the welcome wagon arrives. It was comprised of Syd Shonoses (by [personal profile] pooklet ).

sparkle02 014

and Mason Grunfeld (by me).

sparkle02 015

Syd & Dewdrop: *are instant buddies*

sparkle02 016

Just looking at this exacerbates the pain in my lower back. >_>

sparkle02 017

Mason has zero patience for ginger demon's bullshit.

sparkle02 018

Or maybe this is just her equivalent of a high five, it's hard to tell.
Mason: :D :D :D

sparkle02 019

I would feel bad for him, but he even looks like a douchenugget when he cries.

sparkle02 020

Dewdrop: *gets in touch with his Grilled Cheesy self*

sparkle02 021

Syd: Look, all I'm saying is that they must be using those secret campaign contributions to transplant brains from the 1950s into the heads of our present day population. This is the only way I can make sense of the world anymore. No, I don't know where the vintage brains came from but surely they have a storage facilty somewhere with such things.

sparkle02 022

Dewdrop: *cough*

sparkle02 023

Meanwhile, Mason's sass had reached a critical mass.

sparkle02 024


sparkle02 025

Dewdrop: Oh Syd, your examination of american politics is so sessy.

sparkle02 026


sparkle02 027


sparkle02 028

aaand I somehow forgot about Mason being a werewolf. OH WELL.

sparkle02 029

Two variations on "Punch you, punch me".

sparkle02 030

Despite being quite keen on each other... they were not quite ready to move in together by the end of the day. (Shocking, I know)

sparkle02 031

Dewdrop: *confides deepest darkest secrets in his trustworthy shower head*

sparkle02 032

At first I thought this excessive puddle action was the result of bad cc.
Apparently, I was just not well acquainted with the ways of sloppy sims.

sparkle02 033

Dewdrop: Diggin' stuff. B|
Syd: :3

sparkle02 034

Choo chooooo. Here comes the cute train.

sparkle02 035

All aboooooard!

sparkle02 036

Okay, this is the end of the line. Last stop. Seriously. S t o p.

sparkle02 037

Syd: Does that stinky plate really need to be here?
Dewdrop: George has a condition. Don't be a jerk. It's not his fault.

sparkle02 038

Dewdrop: A heart so truuue.. Our courage will pull us throuuugh.. You teach mee and I'll teach yooou..

sparkle02 039

Dewdrop: Success! 8D

sparkle02 040


sparkle02 041

sparkle02 042

sparkle02 043


sparkle02 044

sparkle02 045

Congratulations on reaching this stage in your relationship.

sparkle02 046

Since I am playing my round with one controllable(Dewdrop), Syd spent the duration of the pregnancy in mortal peril. ;_;

sparkle02 047

Syd also got lumpy, so a temporary wardrobe change was in order.

sparkle02 048


sparkle02 049

This is Celia, another sim I made for sparkleville. She is devoid of eyebrows on purpose. Really.

sparkle02 050

Do not be deceived. Both bowls are for Syd.
These days, Syd just likes to play musical chairs while eating.

sparkle02 051

Dewdrop wanted to do robot stuff. So now he does robot stuff.

sparkle02 052

Syd woke up starving at 2 am. Syd then proceeded to jump in puddles for the next 3 hours.

sparkle02 053

sparkle02 054

sparkle02 056

Whatever. Go ahead and steal the invisible newspaper. Their stories suck anyway. I only do the crossword. Whatever. I don't care. Really.
Come back. ;_;

sparkle02 057

sparkle02 058

Hobbycreep: Let me recite some wistful prose and extend you an invitation to my creepy clubhouse of creativity!
Syd: I will come up with a very creative use for this newspaper if you do not get the fuck out. B|

sparkle02 059


sparkle02 060

Syd: Maybe I shouldn't have eaten all that candy cooorrrn.

sparkle02 061

It was literally the prettiest sims cinematic sequence I had ever seen, okay?? ;_;

sparkle02 062

The snowflakes turned into sparkles, okay? ;_;

sparkle02 063

Don't judge me too harshly, okay? ;_;

sparkle02 064

And so, a freckly baby named Nightshade was born.

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[personal profile] pooklet 2012-10-26 12:45 pm (UTC)(link)


perfect and glorious otp i never realized i had omfg

literally just making squeaky noises back and forth at azaya across the bed at this point
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[personal profile] sixtylilies 2012-10-26 12:45 pm (UTC)(link)
WOOPER fdhkjrhkjhfdkjshjdfghkjfrhewlkhergfhd

best censor ever. omg. i bark-laughed so hard when i saw it.

also all the commentary was good shhh and i like the decorating a lot, especially the kitchen