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Sparklecy 2.3

moar sparkle

Crystal: *eats cat food, delightedly*

where are her parents, and why aren't they putting a stop to this?


Duke: 'Scuse me.

Duke: 'Scuse me.


Duke: Fine then, I'm gonna go cough up a hairball in her crib.

Fitzgerald: Ooh, baby. Show that pillow who's boss.

like mother, like crotch dropping.

Fitzgerald: This sandwich tastes like sex feels.

oh you wacky grilled cheese sims!

Fitzgerald: Look, I just don't think there's any basis in the film for Arthur/Eames.

Melba: How can you say that? They're soulmates!

Fitzgerald: I just feel like it's a case of fandom wanting two pretty guys to bone...

Melba: I don't have to sit here and listen to this.

Melba: This book makes my brain feel like sex makes my body feel!

oh you wacky knowledge sims.

the kids brought Chelsea Fritter home from school! which makes sense cuz in this hood there's really no one to bring home but Fritters.

Jem: Woo, yeaaaaah! Eat that, rock!

Chelsea: You know it's called rock-paper-scissors, not rock-paper-scissors-dynamite!

Duke: *can sleep through anything*

Brunette von Mouthbreathe: *matches the house*

neither the laws of time and space nor Fitz's one neat point shall prevent em from stalking Melba to the bathroom.

Fitzgerald: Mmm. That is one fine toilet. Mmhmm.

The Bird: *watches*

Crystal: *also watches oh my god*

Duke: *makes a point not to watch*

recently, Fitz developed a secondary obsession, for when ey isn't stalking Melba. it happens to be throwing Duke at the fucking ceiling.

Duke: *does not care for this*



Dewdrop: Man, I'm great.

Chelsea: Not as great as me.

Jem: I squish your head, poster!

sweetie, that doesn't really work from this angle.

birthday time! jesus Jem, what the fuck are you wearing?

Jem: Look, I'm butch!

much better.

Crystal also had a birthday! I love her face.

again the stalked becomes the stalker.

remember how I just said I loved Crystal's face?

bask in it.

Duke: I refuse to bask.

he hasn't forgiven her for hogging his food bowl, probably.

Jem: So I heard about this pearl necklace thing, I think I'd like to try it sometime.

Melba: I support you in anything you want to do, honey, but keep the fuck out of my jewelry box.

Jem: Bye, Parent or Dewdrop!

Dewdrop: What the fuck, I don't even look that much like Parent.

yeah, he doesn't really. he's still cute, though.

I gave them an axe-throwing station. because I could.

Fitz continues to be the cutest founder ever, water is wet, etc.

Fitzgerald: Hmm. This painting is in a very fancy frame.

Melba: You do know you're about as subtle as a sumo wrestler, right?

Zion Straight: *approves of dat ass*

Fitzgerald: ...and if you eat grilled cheese, you too can exist, imaginary person!

Crystal: *continues to have an expressive face*

Magenta Fritter: *is present*

Fitzgerald: Tits!

Dewdrop: Well isn't this awkward.

Magenta: On another note, my mom is a space werewolf.

Fitzgerald: After all these years I still rate your performance in bed an A+.

Melba: And I you, my love. ;D

Jem sneaks out with Zion Straight who, evidently really desiring a crack at dat ass, pulls out all the stops to impress hir.

...heh. crack. ass. I didn't even do that on purpose.

Dewdrop: I found some funny green stuff in my parents' nightstand. I probably shouldn't've ate it.

all three kids are super close. probably because they've each got more nice points than they know what to do with.

Dewdrop: What the fuck is this shit?

eek. I'll fix you up, don't worry. D:

now he looks like himself again.

this is just my favorite thing ever I'm sorry


Duke: *judges this familial closeness*

I wonder if it's ominous that his favorite place to sleep is curled up next to Satan here.

at this point I remembered to chuck some androgyny stuff into my game for Drop since I don't use it ordinarily.

seriously. really close.

Crystal: *studies under the guidance of Dracula*

Dewdrop rolled a grilled cheese secondary, which is nice for Fitz since now ey has someone to discuss it with who ~truly understands~

Jem rolled romance and spends a lot of time checking hirself out.

Fitzgerald and Melba: *smoosh at each other*

Crystal: Fascinating.

the offspring continue to be put to work

Duke: My goodness, how are you able to put your head through the door like that?

Fitzgerald: Whyyyyy you make meeeeeee clear disheeeeeees?!

oh, but ey'll clear Melba's dishes no fucking problem of course


see if I ever try to do something nice for you again ants YOU TERRIFYING FUCKING SHITS JESUS CHRIST

seriously guys. I have a huge phobia of ants, and this is basically a scenario out of my deepest, darkest nightmares.

but apparently Drop is over it already since he's just thinking about this chick they brought home from school. good for him I guess.

chick they brought home from school becomes the first person to autonomously use the axe-throwing station. this seems ominous.

Dewdrop: You make a great door but a lousy window there, Parent.

Axethrow von Stripeddress: *thinks Jem is a cutie patootie*

hm. well, if zie's not heir, I'll keep you in mind for hir, I guess.

Jem: Eh. I wouldn't.

what's your problem, romance sim? you have two bolts with her!

Jem: Hey, so, you know Zion Straight? He's straight.

Axethrow McTracksuit: Ha! That peasant!

...think you might wanna wait a bit for that, Fitz.

Fitzgerald: Yeah Jem, get you some. 8D

Duke: *lurks*

it fucking slays me that making out can give sims sunburn.

as well as cause them to pass out from heatstroke. love how concerned you are, Axethrow!

Fitzgerald: Ahhh, zie's fine. Look. Zie gained aspiration points! Zie's fine.

ok there's one more to post after this! and then it will be time for heir choosing. and choosing who's going next too!

[personal profile] permelia 2012-10-01 05:10 am (UTC)(link)
Crystal and her expressions!

Duke for President!

Axethrow McTracksuit for designated first kisser!

Jem for heated flooring demonstrater!
neuroticrobotic: (Default)

[personal profile] neuroticrobotic 2012-10-07 12:45 am (UTC)(link)
There was too much adorable in this update! Eeek! I really want to sit down with Jem and watch She-Ra and eat jellybeans.
Also, I think I'm kinda in love with McTracksuit. I don't even know why.