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Sparklecy 1.1

oh my goodness I am so excited to be doing this thing and to have gotten far enough along to share it with you lovely people /o\ we haven't even officially decided on a last name yet I don't think but I don't even care cuz SPARKLECY. rn in my game the family's just surnamed Sparkle and I figure I'll change it with SimPE when we decide once and for all. (also no pressure for anyone else to make a banner or anything for their gens, I just happen to have a .psd saved for all of mine so it was easy to slot a picture in and yeah. that was the sparkliest font I have, poops.)

so here is our founder, Fitzgerald [Sparkle]! ey randomized Pleasure/Grilled Cheese, which delighted me cuz those are two of my favorite aspirations, and I kept the personality Ellyd detailed in their personality blurb for em as I rarely have sloppy or outgoing sims. ey likes redheads who are charismatic, dislikes clown makeup, and eir lifetime want is 50 dream dates, which. keep dreaming, bbdoll.

Fitz's Technicolor crapshack. I mean, lovely starter home. I built it and actually don't hate it, which is rare when I build. didn't use any money cheats, which is also rare. house and decorating comes in at just under 20,000; I think Fitz had about $900 left when it was all finished.

eir bedroom, which I am very fond of. also, I only just noticed today that the pattern on the walls is birds, despite its name being 'Pigeons'. I am not observant.

kitchen/living room, angle the first.

angle the second.

and angle the third. the gardening equipment is there because Fitz doesn't get to have a Maxis job, so ey is going to be a tomato farmer for the time being.

what ey really likes, though, is basketball.

ey likes it quite a lot.

Paperperson: *creeps*

Fitz only has one neat point, so I was surprised that ey was so quick to clean up the water ey splashed all over the bathroom floor whilst showering, and then I noticed ey has eir foot in the toilet. walkthrough blocks are super useful but cause some hilarious visuals.

Ginger von Momjeans: *surreptitiously brushes lint off boobs*

Inexplicable cash register: *is inexplicable*

and then Ginger von Momjeans bogarted the basketball hoop. punk, no one invited you to play hoops here ok

swell. except ey won't talk about it cuz there is no one to talk to but Ginger von Momjeans-Bogartshoops.

Fitzgerald: Whoa, did that come out of me?

Fitzgerald: Nice job, colon!

Ginger O'Uninvitedtoplay: *is still here*

aww, gee. that was so thoughtless of Fitz! except it never happened. at all.

Brooke McDistortedreality: *storms off angrily, and also sleepily*

Fitzgerald: *notices nothing*

Fitzgerald: *is a grilled cheese sim*

Fitzgerald: Gosh, I hope my tomatoes are okay.

me too. I guess we'll never know, seeing as they're in the opposite direction.

I guess that fart was powerful enough to linger, goddamn.

a little rain is not sufficient to keep Fitz from playing basketball! perish the thought.

and then I sent em to some community lots in search of a mate. nothing happened until ey arrived at the community pool.


while I am glad that you got away from Almond unscathed, Fitz, I don't think the other hottubber appreciates what you are doing.

Braids von Awkwardsuggestions: Kissing will make this better!

Fitzgerald: Sure, I like kissing, it's worth a try—

Swimtrunks McNotact: Can I get in on that kissing?

Fitzgerald: Has anyone got a chapstick?

Thora Wherethefuckisyourhair: ARE WE GONNA BE KISSING? 8D

Swimtrunks Hashishair: You know who I'd really like to kiss, though, is Theda Fritter.

Thora Youshouldnotbebald: Word.

Almond: I must say, Fitz has an ass I'd love to tap. If only I didn't have to throw out this empty cookie bag.

thank Dracula for that cookie bag.

lol welp guess I was worrying over nothing


Melba: 8D! I love kissing!

Melba: You know what else I love? Recycling!

Fitzgerald: Yeah, recycling is cool and all. Kissing, though...

Melba: You do not seem enthralled. *-relationship*

Fitzgerald: Look, all I'm saying is that recycling isn't quite as exciting as kissing!


once night fell, though, Melba loosened up.

Melba: Sorry, sunlight just makes me so anxious. I'm always afraid the glare from my skin is gonna blind somebody.

Fitzgerald: An understandable concern!

back home, Fitz forgets ey's a Grilled Cheese sim and goes dumpster diving for dinner. gross.

Fitz, are you laughing or in pain?

Fitzgerald: In pain! Oog, I knew I shouldn't've eaten that cheese I found in the trash!

Melba: So I thought about it and you're right. Kissing is way more exciting than recycling.

Fitzgerald: 8D!

and then there was a practical demonstration.

Fitzgerald: Nice underpants!

Melba: Back atcha.

Melba even let Fitz talk to her about grilled cheese. I checked their bolts: three. I dig where this is going.

Fitzgerald: So I've heard about this thing called a 'pearl necklace'...

Fitzgerald:'s a sex thing.

Melba: Go on.

Fitz continues to grow as a gardener. get it? 'grow'? like plants? eh? eh?

who are you, the newspaper police?

breaking in the new shorts, I see.

shower's broken, Fitz gives no fucks.

I am very fond of this recolor cuz Ellyd helped me with it. :">

Fitzgerald: So I really like you, but I gotta be sure of something. How do you feel about... grilled cheese?

Melba: LOVE IT.

Fitzgerald: I love you.

Melba: Hee!

well that's one way to become besties. Ellyd and I did it the other way round

Fitzgerald: So you know who's really hot is Theda Fritter!


Melba: I completely agree. Theda Fritter is a sexy human being.

Fitzgerald: *is on the other side of the room now*

well, at least it's awk on both sides.


cuz I'm a vindictive beast who wants to squeeze every drop of happiness out of your life, natch. this is a legacy and all.



then it clicked that her lover is naked and she reacted more like one might expect.


Fitzgerald: Hey baby, are you standing in a puddle of water or are you just happy to see me?

Melba: Hee. Yes.

all this digging in the dirt sure is fruitful, eh Fitz? you're a budding botanist, all right.

Fitzgerald: Hey Melba! You should come over. For kissing.

but before that could come to pass, tragedy struck.

did I say tragedy? I meant HAHAHAHAHA.

Fitzgerald: *is not fucking amused*

Fitzgerald: We've only known each other for three days, but what the hell...

Fitzgerald: Let's get hitched. I got you a ring.

Melba: SQUEE!

it was such an incredibly sparkly ring that the power of its sparkle fucking sunburned Fitz. damn, human, where'd you buy that sucker?

well damn. guess that was a good choice. brb, rebuilding the entire house.

okay bye /owo\
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ellyd: kick kick kick kick kick kick. (ar; spinning class.)

[personal profile] ellyd 2012-09-04 11:14 am (UTC)(link)
omg fitz's colon


fucking almond you creep

omg melba, yr tirade about recycling lead to tragedy, don't you see? fitz tried to RECYCLE that cheese from the trash and look what happened. for shaaaaame.

lol "a sex thing"

my god yr puns, bb


yeah we did bestie first :D :D :D :D

"Fitzgerald: Hey baby, are you standing in a puddle of water or are you just happy to see me?
Melba: That doesn't make any sense, but... hee."

it makes terrible, horrifying sense if you if you've seen lonely island's jizz in my pants video tho.

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[personal profile] neuroticrobotic 2012-09-05 09:07 pm (UTC)(link)
This was spectacular, splendid, and of course... abundantly SPARKLY! 8D

The townie names had me crying! c.r.y.i.n.g. Actually, this whole update killed me dead (I am a ghost with typing skillz obviously >_>).

ALSO your decorating was ever-so-loverly, as usual. <3
I think Fitz is one of the best founders to ever found things. So in love with eir already. Yup yup yup.

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[personal profile] neuroticrobotic 2012-09-05 09:08 pm (UTC)(link)
P.S. Okay. So. During the course of reading this I noticed that I started to feel a little sick. So, I took some vitamins. Then the vitatmins made me feel sick because I hadn't eaten enough. So I run to get some food. And what food item do I select?? MELBA toast. O_O /coolstorybro

[personal profile] permelia 2012-09-06 04:06 am (UTC)(link)
I especially liked the part where you said all about the things. Was good part.

Thora Wherethefuckisyourhair. Heh.