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Fiebelkorn Download Post: Gens 1-3 + Gen 4 Spares

Frankie, Spectra and Sirena are not included because they are all current heirs in Azaya's game. When their generations are over, they will be put up for download, too. :)

Generation One

Odette Fiebelkorn (Founder) + Dwain Virkler-Fiebelkorn (Spouse)

Generation Two

Noirelle Fiebelkorn (Heir) + Jem Sparkle-Fiebelkorn (Spouse)

Spares: Trill, Sunbeam, Luna

Generation Three

Misdreavus Fiebelkorn (Heir) + Kendall Hopswitch-Fiebelkorn (Spouse)

Giratina Fiebelkorn (Heir) + Fancy Boatsink-Fiebelkorn (Spouse)

Spares: Banette, Jellicent

Generation Four

Spares: Cleo, Honey, Iris
Gory, River, Twyla

Folder link.

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Thanks so much can't wait to see them in game! :)