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the fiebelkorn legacy 5.1: i've made a huge mistake

oh hello there

welcome back to fiebelhell

last time:
  • fighting just so much fighting nothing but fighting

we're picking up exactly where we left off, not that you could tell anyway since this is all they do, ever. this could be any fight, anytime, anywhere

tiona fritter: is this a bad time?

it doesn't matter


spectra: looks like you'd better keep studying cleaning, asscheeks, cuz i mopped the floor with you

sirena: ow, my cleaning pun was better

spectra: hi babe, hope you weren't waiting long

tiona: tee hee idk

sirena: hi there i like your—


spectra: like so B)

tiona: omg tee hee

spectra: ok babe mama's got stuff to do but lemme give you a dementor's kiss goodbye

and that explains why we never see tiona again

oh come on, aim a little higher won't you?

spectra: i am, i want to be friends with almond fritter also!

crunchy rice christ

no bea why would spectra refer you to her nemesis

...spectra, why do you have fears in your wants panel

spectra: i don't know

spectra: this is the right way to carry blackberries

spectra: and if anyone says otherwise they can fight me

poof, they are at the bar

fifi: ooh miss fiebelkorn ooh


meredith: that spectra fiebelkorn has still got it going on!

inside, spectra reunited with one of her college loves, ti-ning!

meredith: nice

bilberry nightvision: nice

spectra: even the perfection of ti-ning's kisses cannot make me forget even for a moment my towering hatred for my bitch cousin

sirena: flirt flirt shy flirt

karolina: jesus crusty bread christ, who beefed

spectra: i'm going to resume tapping that

spectra: maybe i will also tap karolina

karolina: you couldn't handle it

spectra: enjoying that mudslide?

sirena: yes... why

spectra: cuz i'm thinking i'm gonna throw you under one.

spectra: eeee giggle giggle

sirena: i am dead inside.


spectra: holy crap, where is this coming from

yeah, you two were getting along so well until now

at this point the most peaceful member of the household is alegra, which seems wrong on a cosmic level

twyla: hmm spectra did you know this tiny purple shelf doesn't match any of the numerous shades of purple to be found on your person? wild. what are you making there, is it salmon? it looks like salmon

spectra: who are you

spectra: omfg alegra you could choose to sleep literally anywhere in this entire house yet you pick the spot of floor near the stove because you know i'm too stupid to step over you to get to it? you pink sack of crap

sirena: mmm, that fish smells good

twyla: so does this one

sirena: under the sea, under the seeeeeeea, darling it's better down where it's wetter take it from meeeeeee

spectra: i'm gonna throw up all over this salmon


alegra: just drop it on the floor, i don't mind a little puke on my ground food

no one in this family does

twyla: babe did you know there's a bird skull on your table

sirena: you don't have to use that as an excuse to look at me. just go ahead and bask

twyla: well, if you insist

but then twyla had to leave sirena to her cannibalism to go on a very important errand:

then she discovered the tiny trampoline that, so far, no one who actually lives here has ever noticed.

alegra: i, too, shall bounce

sirena: is that... OH SHIT, IT IS

spectra: that's right betch, here i come

luckily for sirena, ti-ning arrived before too much faceslappery could take place

sirena: we have a trampoline? how long have we had a trampoline?


sirena and ti-ning: snmgplghhhdfjjm


then i noticed a possible problem:

crisis averted

spectra: oh my glob, when we put down our hair it looks exactly the same! ~soulmates~

yes... soulmates... not a mistake on my part

twyla: through bouncing i have achieved ultimate fitness

awesome! what're you going to do next?

twyla: sirena


ti-ning, that's not arts and crafts

ti-ning: but it IS a lot of fun

so, ti-ning and spectra are both romance. they also both have the massive attraction bonus, because clearly i forgot how to think when i gave it to them.

ti-ning: what a nice pair of matched candles i am looking at, and not actually spectra

ti-ning: hey honeybunch did you know you have a bird skull on your table?

spectra: hold that thought lover, i got a gut full of vomit looking for a toilet bowl

twyla: that hide-a-bed is perfection! swoon

welcome to the family, you nutball.

twyla: yay!

jesus buttered toast christ, where did you get that wad of cash?

oh, ok, crime. that explains— hold it.

oh no




ti-ning: ooh spectra ooh

spectra: marry me

ti-ning: EEEEEEEEE

alegra: lllliiick

strategic lsps: LOOOUD NOISES


same fight, different day

twyla: i love your skirt! so fashionable.

ti-ning: what a coincidence, i think yours is splendid as well. perhaps it would be especially splendid on my bedroom floor

spectra: teach you to exist where i can see you

sirena: i had no idea til this exact moment that you, spectra, are a whole circle of hell's worth of violence and evil squeezed into the shape of a person

spectra: ok but WHICH circle, be specific. is it the seventh? i bet it's the seventh

meanwhile, the friend zone proves itself to be ridiculous nonsense after all

spectra: mmmmngph, i really needed that post-beating nap... what'd i miss, guys?

ti-ning and twyla: not a thing.

twyla: so do you remember your first? cuz i do, and i would love to discuss it with you in tortuous detail.

spectra: proceed

twyla: that's hot. you're hot.

twyla: did i mention that you're hot? because you're so hot

spectra: i know, i'm a fine summer day

twyla: sooooo hooooot

spectra: seems like a good time to look in this direction

alegra: ok green joe, see you later. i got pink stuff to do

while alegra did pink stuff, spectra and ti-ning eloped in the bedroom, because there was a tiny window of time where both of them wanted to get married. in case ti-ning gets knocked up next, for the baby must be a korn

alegra: hot damn, is that some burned turkey

it is. spectra wanted to make a turkey to soothe her pregnancy hunger, and burned four in a row before one finally came out mostly unburned.

alegra: can i have some of that

only if you promise not to puke on it

oh good, likes like pregnancy turkey arrived just in time 8D

ti-ning: hi babe, cute sweater

spectra cute butt

why is no one frantically shooing anyone else out the door like sims usually do

ti-ning: we're good

spectra: here sirena, i got some of your native habitat for your FACE

sirena: blork

alegra: blork

twyla: siiiiigh ti-niiing

twyla: you know who's super hot? your wife.

ti-ning: oh man, right?

alegra: R̡̞̤̯̩̺̯͕̣̭͝R̹͍̬͡R̵͔̱͇̰R̵͔̭̳͖R̢̥̮̱̘̰R̹̟̜̱̞̯͠R̴̫̥͞

what's the matter, snarly mchairball?

alegra: i have finally noticed this invader's pink skirt and hair!



there isn't much fighting in the house of fiebel anymore, because everyone is too busy doing this instead. i'm not sure this is an improvement, tbh


sirena: mmmph

ti-ning: nice

ti-ning: what exquisite candlesticks

twyla: hey there hot stuff. want to share my powerthirst?

i guess this is just what happens when you put four lesbians in a house, three of them are romance, and everyone thinks everyone else is hot

twyla: no, i just, i really like this bed. the... craftsmanship is so exquisite, and... the quilt is so quilty.

it better not be

spectra: hi

spectra: NOOOOOO

spectra: here ti-ning, you should get a chance to hold our daughter before the overlord ages her up to a toddler because she hates babies

ti-ning: i'd love to, but something stops me

twyla: ok self be patient, this isn't the time to be asking where they bought their quilt

all hail strawberry, first of her name

what a precious baby :D

spectra: hyeah, i did good baking that baby

spectra: reeeeal good

twyla: you sure did. give me some tips. i will take notes

elsewhere in the house, pistachio is born!

farewell bat tax

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what a time to be alive
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[[chants]] fight fight fight fight

also cute babs
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Holy shit.

Also Twyla is adorable, wow.
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cute babies!

also, did you convert the base game nightdress for M sims?? (i'm referring to the nightie ti-ning is wearing.) bc omg that is a damn good idea!