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the fiebelkorn legacy 4.7: shrubshirebrook shenanigans

welcome to the college years, folks. keep you arms and legs inside the ride and your wcifs inside the entry. official drinking game: take a sip for every stink cloud you spot.

hi-ho hi-ho it's off to shrubshirebrook university we go, a campus famous for having neither shrubs, nor shires, nor brooks. by now we knew that spectra would be double-heiring with someone, so i brought along our three other favorites including iris


and sirena

a better look at iris's makeover and also this is kitty, one of the dormies who will be important this update

frankie stopped by to say hi before she left my game to go join a certain other legacy in azaya's

wow no one asked you

sirena: i must practice my mating ritual so that i can woo all the hot girls

sirena: hey you've got something on your shirt it looks like a stupid llama

spectra got a new hair and is excited about it

and also up to her old tricks of never sleeping and just gorging on coffee beans instead

unlike sirena, spectra's off to a less rocky start with the flirting

spectra: she shoots, she scoooores
well not yet

but soon, probably

honey: there's no food in this bathroom. i'd better check the others.
or you could give the kitchen a shot.

spectra: i have deduced that this is a microwave.

sirena: there's so little room on this desk to do my homework
move the porno books maybe?
sirena: now that's just silly

you're all filthy fucking animals

comedy incarnate, truly



u can buy some love potion tho

i missed out on honey getting her first kiss with brenda here but yay for honey!

dormie: why do i smell so baaaad
it's college and you're a dormie, it's pretty much your job to smell bad dude


ohhh dear

sirena WHAT are you doing
sirena: recharging my thinking cap, duh

things that never happened act one

WOO go honey

iris: um, i'd like to pee now please
goddamn if i don't hate the constant crowding of npcs

someone give me three hundred freaking dollars for getting mediocre grades, dang

iris celebrates some much better end-of-semester grades by hooking up with another cute dormie, pong whose name i keep typoing as png

i forgot to bring whomp along to college so instead one of her siblings joined us. this is barbell.

spectra: /unintelligible baby noises

ti-ning: fascinating

spectra: doot doot doot brushin' my teef

spectra: so i can kiss on kitty!

taking a break from kitty's complicated juggling act, iris and pong are so cute

sirena: wow i'm so into your pheromones right now

spectra: /sees no evil

honey and brenda are also cute and having sex all over the dorm because ofc

pong: oh shit oh shit

sirena: i would like to offer an alternative suggestion

ti-ning: this is the right place to do my homework

everything happens so much

ti-ning: i wouldn't mind knocking boots with your cousin twyla
spectra: fair

sirena has decided she hates this girl demi. perhaps she's a relative of pinkhair von bubbleblowerhog?
torpedo braid: man, i'm glad that's not me

torpedo braid: this is ironic given my prior statement!

you are a POPULARITY SIM, honey

holy shit

sirena: i disapprove of this wanton display of public affection!

sirena: i would never be so crass


grats on the less mediocre grades, honey
honey: ow, my head

if i could only use one picture to describe dormies it would be this one. beer, swooning and looking high as shit all day every day

brenda: is now a bad time pumpkin

spectra: this is a disappointing lack of nudity in this direction
streaker: boy do i have a surprise for you

the axe throwing station came with because of course it did

sirena: so this is what failure feels like

dormie: it's cool how you have ten best friends
spectra: eh, most of them are my cousins
kitty: ooh miss fiebelkorn oooohh

abruptly, spectra remembered she is romance secondary and pounced on torpedo braid here who i guess gets a real name now (it's vivian)



i get excited when sims autonomously do things that i don't see often so i cap these things but then i never know what sort of commentary to add. yep.

heh heh long and hard

sirena and spectra: /whisper gossip whisper
kitty: i am going to tap one or both of that

she wasn't kidding. vivian get out
vivian: no

ti-ning: room for one more?

kitty: i jUST HAD SEX

no spectra, no getting engaged in college

flagrant cheating is fine tho

spectra: what harmless fun
kitty: oh hell no
ti-ning: welp i'm off to wash off this post-sex stink

ti-ning: on second thought maybe i'll just stand here and mouth-breathe

to soothe her broken heart, spectra went to have sex with vivian in the elevator
ti-ning: oh no what if the cable snaps!
kitty: let's hope it does

ti-ning is relieved that spectra survived her elevator romp


spectra, what did i say

another semester done thanks to the thinking caps

honey mastered the ballet barre so i gave her a violin instead :D

the cow tried to gross out vivian but the tables quickly turned

i hate how every time i unlock a playable's dorm room it gets absolutely fucking flooded

because the crowding was frustrating the shit out of me i went to get a snack and apparently forgot to pause because next thing i knew it was morning, the room was still full of uninvited assholes, and spectra was inexplicably fuming about something

so i checked her memories and guess what finally happened

and guess who it happened with

i sent her out to the hobby car to buff her sads away

iris: YARG

hello cleo!! sorry there was no room for you in this dorm, i still love you tho

kitty spent all night fuming, stinking and throwing axes

sirena: oh, hi spectra! how have you been? senior year's been so busy, huh?

sirena: but you literally cheat on her all the time i do not understand
neither do i

srsly spectra srsly

you are the biggest hypocrite on the planet i swear

spectra: don't you HATE people who cheat ti-ning
ti-ning: lol ummm

gdi spectra i said NO

um sirena u ok

demi: ow my spine

spectra: it's actually a little inconvenient how many sims my milkshake brings to the yard

things that never happened act two

honey: oh yes PLEASE tell me more i'm SOOOO interested

idk i just like the hobby car animations even tho it's a glitchy mess in my game and they can never actually complete the car

meanwhile, back in spectra's room

kitty made the mistake of challenging ti-ning to a fight

senior year has devolved into just constant smacking

it's like synchronized swimming except it hurts more

wow that is not remotely yr bed

nor is that but you have slightly more of an excuse given that yrs is taken

these two are still at it

except apparently sirena didn't fall in love until jUST NOW??

omfg get out, all of you

um spectra that is one of yr girlfriends in there slap-fighting with yr cousin do u feel like intervening or
spectra: nah

spectra: i gotta go take an angry nap on honey's floor instead

ti-ning: that's not good for yr back at all /fret fret

get up and put yr clothes on brenda

cuz it's time to get engaged. unlike spectra, honey is allowed because she's been ruled out as a co-heir. she's mega cute but she doesn't really do much these days. except brenda.

ti-ning: this is the right place to stand

ti-ning: yep, definitely the right place

sirena: ow, watch the manolos babe

spectra: hey kitty, room for one more ;)

sirena: hi spectra, i was thinking we should really put all this behind us and

spectra: RRRRGH

sirena: /smothers her sorrows in kitty's bosoms

meanwhile, spectra's cheating is catching up to her even more

but she remains undeterred

fine, here is a professor you have some bolts with (even tho she has the same face as yr great grandmother)

spectra: yeah i guess my cousin iris is pretty hot now that you mention it

ti-ning: the water jets in this hot tub that appeared in the middle of our lawn are amazing spectra you gotta try this when you're done wooing that professor
i love ti-ning, she's such a good sport with zero capacity for jealousy (literally. i checked.)

gengar: om nom nom

other stuff i almost never see in my game: autonomous primping!

meanwhile, in the next room

sirena, who has officially been declared co-heir, fights back

and it is on this furious note that i packed up our two heiresses, and sent them off to azaya and from what i've heard the slap-fighting has been just non-fucking-stop since they arrived. oh dear.
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[personal profile] sixtylilies 2015-03-22 05:36 am (UTC)(link)
NON FCUKIN G STOP i played the drinking game and now tmy typng has suffered im syry
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[personal profile] furbyq 2015-03-22 07:40 am (UTC)(link)
>official drinking game: take a sip for every stink cloud you spot.

i think you are literally trying to kill me. srsly not cool. :P

but yayyyy double heirs! spectra and sirena are so perf so i'm super excited for the next gen now. spectra is super cute but sirena makes me giggle a lot more so yeah.

also can i do a couple wcifs? first, for the recolor of the dedital sheep batwings that honey wears and secondly for the pastel long underwear that ti-ning was wearing? i suspect they were made by either you or azaya but if you plan to share them in the future (or have already) that would be swell! 8)
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[personal profile] sixtylilies 2015-03-22 08:28 am (UTC)(link)
drunkenly flails in let mE HELP LET ME HELP

the pastel batwings are a wip of mine! i'm fine-tuning the colors but i plan to share them when they're ready.

the long underwear are also mine, i was planning to share them but then i checked the tou of the person whose base texture i used only to discover they're one of those OMG DON'T USE MY SHIT people i was so furious i even took a preview ffs

anyway you can have them cuz fuck that person tbh (i'm just not brave enough to put them on my simblr, lol)
furbyq: a unicorn saying "yeah" in a cartoony speech bubble. (Default)

[personal profile] furbyq 2015-03-22 09:12 am (UTC)(link)
ugh i don't like people who are stingy with their textures. especially when most of the time their textures are just maxis derivations. >_<

but omfg the patterns are so cute, thank you for sharing them with me friend! i shall patiently await the batwings. 8)
Edited 2015-03-22 12:21 (UTC)
polychromesims: (Default)

[personal profile] polychromesims 2015-03-22 09:52 am (UTC)(link)
Just want to say thank you for the long underwear as well. :) And the batwings look great, I'm looking forward to their release!

I also have a WCIF for you or Pooklet...Spectra's skirt? It's so cute!
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[personal profile] sixtylilies 2015-03-22 08:41 pm (UTC)(link)
thank u for the kind words! that skirt is also me, a knockoff of someone else's wip from a year ago that was never shared/hasn't been shared yet idk? here u go, there are no morphs or anything cuz i'm a cabbage of failure
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[personal profile] polychromesims 2015-03-23 12:58 am (UTC)(link)
Thank you so much!
lovelyxwow: (☂stay the night)

[personal profile] lovelyxwow 2015-03-22 04:04 pm (UTC)(link)
spectra is a goddess i am in love with all the purple and her skirt is the absolute cutest! <3 bless u for the underwear as well, thank u

im surprised by all the amount of stink but am v excited for double heirs!
wakahisadmanami: (Default)

[personal profile] wakahisadmanami 2015-03-27 02:10 pm (UTC)(link)
I love you and Azaya so much you are goddesses among humans and we are all unworthy. Your legacies are to die for!

One WCIF: the painting above the ballet barre? It's gorgeous and I'd loooove it in my game.

WCIFs, sorry!!!

(Anonymous) 2015-04-14 06:27 am (UTC)(link)
AHHH THIS UPDATE WAS SO GOOD. WCIF Iris's shirt/pants/outfit, demi's hair, the picture of the disrobing skelton girl in Honey's room, and the "drink this much human blood a day" poster? SORRY THAT'S SO MANY. THANK YOU.

(Anonymous) 2017-09-16 11:00 am (UTC)(link)
hi pooklet!followed your link from the dorm download post,and while re-reading this update i got up with a few wcifs (if you don't mind) :) i'm talking about about ti-ning's lipstick,those freaking posters/paintings in spectra/sirena/iris/honey rooms and spectra's pjs with green socks.
anyway,thank you very much,i'm sorry for all those wcifs :/ keep up the awesome work!!